Katie McClellan Picture


"In this revival, a beautifully nuanced performance by Katie McClellan shifts the center of gravity...  That's what's striking here."

- The New York Times

"McClellan is perfectly cast as a young woman so full of life and hope that she makes most of the downtrodden men around her feel alive and hopeful, too."

- The New Yorker

"McClellan nicely captures Cleo's vulnerability and longing [...] This solid revival is worth seeing."

- Huffington Post

"As Cleo Singer, ranging from shrill to engaging, Katie McClellan, with her forceful performance and character's plot twists, becomes the central character by the end.  With both very well played contrived haughtiness and tenderness, she captures the essence of a young striver seeking to claw out of poverty on her own terms."


"As Cleo, McClellan cuts an intriguing figure, full of life and very perky, conveying an independent spirit and wanting something more in her future."

- William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide

"McClellan convincingly portrays the ingenue, making up for a troubled home life with fantastical lies about her family's wealth and priviledge [...] Terrifying and real."

- Theatermania

4,000 MILES (St. Louis Rep)

"Katie McClellan is perfect for the role of Bec... She expresses a wide range of emotions on the roller coaster of life she's had..."

- Stage Door St. Louis

"Katie McClellan is great as Mr. McCabe's worried ex-girlfriend... [an] honest, polished performance..."

- Talkin' Broadway

"Katie McClellan is strong as Leo's ex..."


"Bec's conflicting emotions are beautifully etched in Ms. McClellan's face..."

- KDHX St. Louis

"McClellan handles her lines and body language to perfectly evoke her Gen-X and Y generation..."

- The Jewish Light

"Katie McClellan impresses as Leo's estranged girlfriend..."

- Gerry Kowarsky, HEC TV

OVER THE TAVERN (Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park)

Cincinnati Fox 19 TV Interview

Cincinnati Enquirer Article

Prologue Article

"Over the Tavern' is perfectly charming and witty... with a wonderful cast delivering impressive performances... Katie McClellan shines as the romance-starved sister, Annie...


"Katie McClellan as Annie is charming... touching and beautiful... does an admirable job with [her] role..."

- Missouri Patch

"Over the Tavern' is a laugh riot... The company is beautifully balanced, the actors are all on pitch..."

- Cincinnati Enquirer

"Katie McClellan shines as Annie..."

- Ladue News

"While there were several enormously funny shows, none made me laugh quite as much as the Rep's production of playwright Tom Dudzick's Over the Tavern. The entire cast is splendid..."

- Best of St. Louis 2011

"...brought to life by an outstanding cast... Katie McClellan is a spunky Annie..."


"'Over the Tavern' works... The cast is first-rate... It's balance done well..."

- St. Louis Today

"A warm, winning, relevant production with sharp humor and a perfect cast!"

- KMOX - St. Louis